Peter Andreas’ passion for photography began as a young   child.  By his teens, he was running a dark room and developing his own images of scenery and design.  Intent on understanding the scientific foundation of his art, he first pursued a bachelor degree in physics.  He then completed an additional bachelor degree in photography at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, specializing in commercial and industrial scientific photography.  These studies were complemented by an art and design education at California Institute of The Arts, where he earned an MFA.


Mr. Andreas has studied privately under some of the great masters of photography.  His award-winning photographs have appeared in numerous art galleries and magazines such as Architectural Digest and LA Home and Décor. Additionally, he is an affiliated member with The American Institute of Architects AIA | LA.


Mr. Andreas’ area of expertise is architectural photography, which combines his love for both science and the arts.  His photographs are unique in the manner in which they preserve perspective, while concurrently portraying the function embedded in each object, or area of space.  Through the careful orchestration of light, space, and design, Peter is able to personally sculpt each image, and thereby capture the underlying sentiment of the designer.


For over thirty years, he has worked for innumerable architects, interior designers, structural  engineers, developers, and throughout the entertainment industry of Hollywood.  Of Greek and Armenian heritage, Peter is able to offer each image a unique historical and cultural vantage point, along with his relentless drive for perfection.   He enjoys the unique challenges presented in creating images of architecture and interior design around the world.  Currently, he resides in Southern California.